Our Mission

Our Mission

At the Foursquare Church Asokoro, Abuja, our mission is to be a vibrant and loving Christian community, passionately dedicated to sharing the message of God’s love, grace, and redemption with our local community and beyond. We are committed to fostering spiritual growth, genuine fellowship, and compassionate outreach as we strive to make a positive impact in the lives of individuals and families.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a beacon of hope and faith, shining brightly in Asokoro, Abuja, and beyond. We envision a church where:

  1. Faith Flourishes: We aim to cultivate unwavering faith in God, empowering individuals to experience His transformative love and grace in their lives.
  2. Community Thrives: We aspire to build a welcoming and inclusive church family where all are valued and encouraged to grow together in faith, love, and unity.
  3. Love Overflows: We seek to be a source of love and compassion in our community, reaching out to those in need and making a difference in the lives of others.
  4. Worship Inspires: Our desire is to offer vibrant and spirit-filled worship services that inspire a deep connection with God and draw people into His presence.
  5. Service Abounds: We are committed to serving our community through outreach programs, missions, and acts of kindness, reflecting the selfless love of Christ.
  6. Growth is Evident: We envision individuals and families experiencing spiritual growth and transformation, moving from seekers to disciples of Christ.
  7. Impact is Global: Our reach extends beyond our local community, as we actively engage in missions and support global initiatives to spread the Gospel.

”We stand firm on the foundation set by Hebrews 13:8, which proclaims: “Jesus Christ the Same, Yesterday and Today and Forever.”

May your time with us today be a source of inspiration, encouragement, and spiritual growth. As we worship and fellowship together, may we sense the presence of our loving Heavenly Father, and may His peace and joy fill our hearts.

Join us in our mission and vision as we journey together in faith, spreading the light of God’s love and making a meaningful difference in the lives of people. Together, we can make our vision a reality.